Patient Care

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Patient Care

Your pet’s health and comfort comes first.

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The mobile oncology department strives to follow the highest safety standards for patient care to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. Our attention is given to one patient at a time to ensure our team is focused. When a pet is being treated with chemotherapy, every dose is checked by two different staff members before administration. Our team’s top priority is proper patient care during treatments and consultation sessions.

Our IV chemotherapy treatments are given through temporary IV catheters, not via a direct needle or butterfly catheters; this technique helps us achieve safer treatments. Our state-of-the-art chemotherapy suite is a dedicated area for treating pets with cancer.

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When a pet is diagnosed with cancer, owners can feel heartbroken, devastated, and even terrified. The path forward starts with a sit-down consultation so we can answer your questions. We will discuss your pet’s individual prognosis, treatment options, and a quality of life plan.

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Quality Of Life

Quality of life is a top priority for everyone. We understand you are interested in the best life possible for your pet and strive to help you achieve this. Our team works with pet owners with each visit to achieve this goal. No treatment protocol is ever set in stone. At each appointment, we work with owners to ensure the quality of life is achieved or improved.

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Our department was designed to be a comfortable environment for our patients. The department is quiet and has ample natural lighting and its own ventilation systems. We utilize non-slip surfaces for our exam tables and flooring to help pets feel secure. Patients are never left in cages. We treat one patient at a time. Therefore, it is rare for any patient to spend time in a cage. When a pet does have an extended stay, they are always within a few feet of us, receiving love and attention.

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Our oncology department is here to provide consistent quality care. Your pet will likely have the same nurses and the same oncologist every visit. This consistency allows us to know your pet better and provide a higher level of care.