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Let’s find the right treatment option.
Every pet is different, and we work hard to create a customized treatment plan for your furry family member.
Our goal during pet cancer treatment services is to ensure the highest quality of life possible for every pet undergoing treatment. Chemotherapy in animals is given at palliative doses, compared to humans which receive curative intent dosing. This difference results in most pets tolerating chemotherapy well, adverse reactions are only reported by owners in 10%-15% of pets.

We encourage owners to share their concerns and observations with us at each visit prior to treatment. This feedback provides us with valuable information on how a patient is feeling during their chemotherapy regimen.

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Client Education And Support
During treatment we aim to keep pet owners up to date on how their pet is doing and guide them through treatment decisions. Facing cancer can be daunting for many people, we aim to support owners as much as possible so they can make the best possible decisions for their pet.
Consultation For Radiation Therapy
PVS does not perform radiation therapy, however, we do counsel owners on which cancers are likely to respond to radiation. We can also facilitate your pets’ appointment at radiation facilities in the area. After radiation is completed we provide long-term support and cancer monitoring.
Pain Management And Palliative Care
Pain control is a top priority for us, and a major concern for most owners. During each visit we work hard to address any pain concerns owners have or any pain noted in a patient. Pain control is essential to a good quality of life.

This therapy is currently available for melanoma. New immunotherapies are in the process of being developed and we will offer them for other diseases as soon as they are available. Feel free to consult with us regarding the latest developments.

Quality Of Life Enhancement
Cancer is treatable, we aim to improve patients lives via our care allowing them to have an improved and extended quality of life. We utilize the latest techniques in pain control, nausea prevention and appetite support.
Multi-Modality Treatment Protocols
Every cancer is treated in a different way. During your consultation, we’ll discuss which treatment options are available and what combinations apply to your pet. When planning treatment we take into consideration what owners want for their pet. This personalized approach helps us create a treatment plan custom to your pet.
Genetic Tumor Testing

We now offer Vidium Search Light DNA tumor testing for dogs. This genetic test is offered to further evaluate pet tumors for genetic mutations which we may be able to target with compounded human medications for personalized therapy. This testing is elected by owners wanting advanced cancer care and those open to trying novel therapy with human medications. For some pets these human medications can target the mutation which may be driving an individual cancer to grow and spread.

What are the most common pet cancers we see?

How we work:

Our mobile department provides veterinary cancer consultations, diagnostic procedures, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy to a variety of locations throughout NJ. Full lab services are utilized including blood work, flow cytometry, cytology, and histology.

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