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Cancelation Policy

PVS has a 24hr cancellation policy. This policy is necessary to provide the highest level of veterinary care to all of our patients. 24hrs notice is required so that we may be able to accommodate other patients from our waiting list with your appointment slot. When patients do not show up for a scheduled appointment, it creates an unused appointment slot that could have been used for another pet in need.

Each patient should have ONE primary caregiver for us to communicate with for providing patients updates or answer questions. Communication via this one point person allows important information regarding your pet to be more clear and concise. Our goal is to avoid any confusion during treatment.

The oncology department is available Monday-Thurs from 8am – 6pm. Every effort will be made to return phone and e-mail messages the same day they are received. The department answers/returns calls between patients. Any messages left after business hours will be returned on the department’s next business day. If you have an urgent concern during off-hours, please contact your primary veterinarian or visit your local emergency hospital as they are available 24/7.

After each treatment visit, we e-mail an oncology update to you and your veterinarian. Please read these updates as they contain important information relative to medications, prognosis​,​ and recheck appointments.
We are happy to provide written estimates for any medical oncology treatment or procedure, feel free to ask at any time. The oncology department cannot provide surgical estimates as they are generated by any doctor performing surgery on your pet.

Medication refill requests are addressed during normal business hours. Please allow at least 24 hours for refills to be completed. Medications can be picked up at the front desk at any time after they are filled.

For outside pharmacy prescriptions and refills, we are happy to provide you with a written prescription which you can pick up and have filled at the pharmacy of your choice. We are not able to price shop, fax, email or call in prescriptions to online pharmacies.

Blood Work
Some chemotherapy protocols require blood work after treatment. We recommend this blood work be done with our department, as this allows us to address blood work changes immediately. If you elect to have post-chemotherapy blood work checked via your primary veterinarian, they must review these results with you. Post-chemotherapy blood work should always be done in-house (not sent to the lab) so results can be addressed immediately.

Recheck blood work is done on a very specific schedule, as outlined in your discharge/update; deviation from this schedule could compromise the health of your pet. If your veterinarian has blood work concerns they should contact Dr. Hamilton directly.

What we do.

Private Veterinary Specialties LLC provides medical oncology services for veterinarians and their clients at multiple locations. Our mobile department battles hemangiosarcoma, osteosarcoma and other forms of cancer in dogs, cats, and other beloved pets both large and small. We provide owners with the medical and emotional support they deserve.

How we work:

We meet you on-site ​at your choice hospital​ to provide veterinary cancer consultations, diagnostic procedures, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. Full lab services are utilized including blood work, flow cytometry, cytology, and histology.

We'll be with you every step of the way.

Our Services:

  • Immunotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Client Education And Support
  • Quality Of Life EnhancementRadiation Therapy Screening
  • Multi-Modality Treatment Protocols
  • Pain Management And Palliative Care