PVS is now offering a new clinical trial to investigate the ability of nanoparticles combined with laser therapy to kill tumors in dogs and cats. This clinical trial is currently enrolling dogs and cats with the following tumors:

1) Low-grade mast cell tumor
2) Oral malignant melanoma
3)Oral squamous cell carcinoma
4) Soft tissue sarcoma
To be included in the trial patients must have a single tumor that has not spread. Patients much have also either declined standard therapy or failed standard therapy such as surgery or radiation therapy.

This trial is sponsored so owners are given a stipend to use to pay for the therapy, offsetting the majority of the cost. All pet owners must start with a standard oncology consultation to discuss the cancer their pet has and standard treatment options along with the clinical trial. If owners elected to participate they will return another day to start therapy. Participation in this trial is a 2 step process. 1. On day one patients are administered an IV infusion of nanoparticles that circulate within the body and become lodged in the abnormal blood vessels of the tumor. On day 2 patients are heavily sedated and laser therapy is applied to their tumors. This laser therapy interacts with the nanoparticle to cause tumor cell death and a decrease in tumor size. This treatment is essentially a thermal ablation of the tumor. After therapy, the tumors are noted to become ulcerated, red and then regress over 2 weeks while the site heals. To participate in this trial patients need to have a tumor that is ~1.25cm.

If you are interested in an oncology consultation to have your pet evaluated for this clinical trial please contact Private Veterinary Specialties at 908-392-1601

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